About Us

Sudie Nallo, Chief Executive Officer

  As a practitioner and clinical assistant professor in the field of social work, Sudie Nallo researches and designs international programs that benefit diverse populations.  She trains students and specialists on how to effectively interact and engage with community leaders; allowing people to be the solution to their own challenges through empowerment.  Under I-CAF, Sudie organizes programming that connects African and African-inspired professionals in an effort to diversify the fashion industry.

Erich Walker, Executive Director

Erich Walker is a veteran fashion executive with over 25 years of professional experience. Erich is currently launching GODSUN, a men’s contemporary spiritually based clothing label projected to break in Fall 2015. Erich serves as president of Cosmos Agency and has also provided his insight as a sales and manufacturing consultant from 2011 to present. From 2010 to 2011, Erich worked as the Brand Manager for Akademiks Clothing Company and from 1996-2009, he served as the Senior Vice-President for Enyce Clothing Company. Erich began his career with Cross Colours and worked as a Midwest Regional Sales Manager from 1990-1994. Erich attended the University of Iowa and graduated from Western Illinois University with a BA degree in Marketing Communications. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Under I-CAF, Erich provides strategic and operational oversight of staff, programming, and expansion in the execution of I-CAF’s mission through core program development.

Orobosa Owie, Deputy Director

Orobosa Owie is the Director of the African Affairs Committee at the United Nations Association SNY Division for Young Professionals and the Founder and Executive Director of the Young Professionals Healthcare Network, Inc.  Graduating Cum Laude from Lehman College, Orobosa received a BS degree in Health Services Administration and is currently a MHA candidate at Capella University. With her passion for youth advocacy and African related affairs, Orobosa spent six months in Nigeria as a Youth Campaign Manager during the country’s political elections in 2007. Since then, Orobosa has worked with various UN agencies, NGOs and nonprofit organizations to build multi-cultural platforms that encourage civic engagement and international program development. Under I-CAF, Orobosa provides internal and external facing for membership development and project management.

Sydney-Davies, Director of Strategic Partnerships

SYDNEY-DAVIES is an Independent Luxury fashion designer who founded her own label in by.  Her experience inlcudes being an MCQ Alexander McQueen intern/trainee. She's been stocked with at least three UK agencies and the brand is regularly featured in publications such as VOGUE, IDOL, DAZED, HUFF, JUTE, L'OFFICIE LE, 7th MAN. INSTITUTE, MOD and ELLEMENTS magazines to name a few. The label has also been featured in top Fashion blogs and publications and graced the highly acclaimed and exclusive cabinets at the SAVOY Hotel London.  A truly proud moment for SYDNEY-DAVIES IS recognition from the Sierra Leonean High Commissioner and office. Under I-CAF, SYDNEY-DAVIES coordinates partner relations with governments, organizations, and individuals to build a strong community to promote and sustain the global industry of African Fashion. 

Advisory Committee

  Kibonen Nfi, Designer - Kibonen|NY

Eman Awuro, Creative Director - FourFront 1602